Organising Flu Vaccination clinics in Sydney

We are experts in providing workplace flu vaccination programs for businesses in and around Sydney (NSW). Providing your staff with onsite flu shots has many benefits, including reducing the number of sick days and enhancing long-term productivity. Offering corporate flu vaccinations also demonstrates your commitment to your staff's well-being.

Our mobile flu vaccination clinics are flexible and adaptable. We can meet the needs of any size business regardless of your location. Why? Because we spend time learning about you, your business routine, your schedule and your work culture.

Wherever your office or business is located, we can provide consistent, reliable and professional employee flu vaccination services in Sydney and anywhere in New South Wales (NSW).

As the flu season approaches, workplaces in Sydney need to take proactive measures to protect their employees from getting sick. The best way to prevent the flu is by getting a flu vaccine, also known as a flu shot or flu jab. A workplace flu vaccination program helps employees stay healthy but also helps to reduce the spread of the flu in the workplace.

Nation-wide flu vaccination programs

Influenza programs in New South Wales.

At Corporate Care, our flu vaccination program in Sydney, New South Wales, is a testament to our commitment to health and professionalism. Expertly led by seasoned healthcare specialists, we ensure every aspect aligns with state and federal flu vaccine procurement and administration guidelines.

We've expanded our reach with a nationwide flu vaccination initiative, offering unmatched convenience for clients with multiple offices or those across Australia or New Zealand.

While we strictly adhere to all Medicare-related regulations, it's essential to note that employer-initiated influenza vaccination programs don't qualify for Medicare rebates.

Moreover, our registration with the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) isn't just a title. We take our reporting responsibilities seriously under the Australian Immunisation Register Act 2015, guaranteeing that each vaccination event is diligently documented and relayed to AIR.

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What do our clients love about our flu vaccination programs?

The Benefits of Workplace Flu Vaccinations in Sydney

Employee Well-being: Offering on-site flu vaccines ensures your team stays healthy without needing time off.

Healthy Workplace: Vaccinations reduce the spread of the flu, decreasing illness-related absenteeism.

Efficiency: On-site vaccinations mean no downtime, seamlessly integrating health with work.

Boosted Productivity: A vaccinated employee is productive, ensuring peak performance throughout flu season.

Smart Savings: The upfront cost of a vaccination program is outweighed by reduced absenteeism and associated expenses.

Sydney Opera House lit up with 'Stop The Flu' themed projections during Vivid Festival, with masked festival-goers and 'Corporate Care' logo.
Vivid Festival Highlights: Sydney Opera House Champions 'Stop The Flu' Message.

We go Everywhere

We run Australia-wide workplace flu vaccination services and organise Flu Tours for regional and rural influenza programs.

Caring Nursing Staff

They love our nursing staff as they put their staff at ease prior to receiving the flu jab. We provide individual care.

Fast Customer Care

Extremely fast response to our client’s emails and enquiries. Don't be surprised if you see a response in your inbox within minutes.

Streamlined process

We make their job easy. Organising a workplace vaccination clinic should not be a hassle. 

We know Health

They can speak with a healthcare professional registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA)


We are paperless! Yes, we don’t do hard copy flu consents or have any papers in our office.


We have our own, built from the ground up, secured online flu vaccination booking software. 

We report to AIR

We report all our flu shots to the Australian Immunisation Register.

Pharmacy Flu Shots

Our clients love having access to corporate online flu vouchers for their staff to have their flu shot off-site at partnering chemists.

Proof of Vaccination

We provide Flu Vaccination Attendance Certificates to all participant employees. Free of charge. 

Employee Health Platform

FREE access* to all flu participants to our Employee Health and Wellbeing platform - Twin Hub. Nice one!

Extremely competitive and transparent pricing. No surprises!

Online Quote

Provide basic information about your business and access your online quote


We learn about you and your business. We can accommodate to your schedule and routine.


Our Immunisation staff will attend your business to run the vaccination program.

“Very easy and simple to set up. Provided a range of promotional materials to help promote it and we had an excellent response with more than 50% of our office receiving the jab.”

Geoff B.

Red Path Mining

“Nurses arrived on time and were able to complete all booked staff along with additional staff. Always a pleasure to have Corporate Care support our wellness initiatives.”

Jennifer P.


“5 stars! I highly recommend Corporate Care! Professional, friendly, outstanding customer service. Thanks again and see you next year!”

Erika C.

Vouchers available in bulks

Buy Flu Vouchers for your Employees in Sydney

We have partnered with over 2,000 pharmacists in Australia and New Zealand. Some of our chemist or pharmacy partners include Priceline, Terry White, Chemist Warehouse, Advantage Pharmacy group, and many independent Pharmacies.

Flu Season in Sydney: Be Ready with Corporate Care


Flu season in Sydney usually starts around late March or early April and goes until the end of May or early June. That means businesses should plan ahead to protect their teams.

That's where Corporate Care comes in. Our founder, Aitor Aspiazu, knows a thing or two about flu vaccinations. He's been our Lead Nurse Consultant for years and has overseen thousands of vaccinations right here in Sydney.

Aitor often shares a simple piece of advice with our immunisation nurses, especially those working in the CBD. "I always liked walking around the city, just looking up and enjoying the view," he says. He tells our nurses, "When you're in the CBD, take a break, walk around, and enjoy Sydney."

By choosing Corporate Care, you're picking a team that knows flu vaccinations inside and out. We're here to help your business be flu-ready and keep your team safe.

Illustration of Sydney Harbour Bridge protected by a 'Corporate Care' shield against flu virus particles, with the city skyline in the background and a 'Stop the Flu' sign.
Defending Sydney: Corporate Care's Stand Against the Flu at the Iconic Harbour Bridge.

We are experts

We study, we write and we understand Flu - Check us out!

Myths and Misconceptions about the Flu

Everyone and their dog has an opinion about the flu shot. While getting the flu shot before Winter is recommended by Healthcare Professionals and the Australian Government to avoid the Flu, there is a lot of misinformation out there. 

Our in-house experts debunked the top flu myths to help you and your employees stay healthy this year.


What do our clients say about us?

We love feedback, we need feedback, we improve with feedback. Below you will find REAL testimonials from REAL clients.

Paul Norris
The nurse was friendly, professional and fast. The booking slots had just the right number of people so there were very few people waiting...
Shelley Taplin
An excellent experience getting my flu shot at work. The website enabled fast easy booking, and a reminder on the day. The nurse...
Lillian Chan
Had a flu shot with your team and they were extremely friendly. Made sure to ask the important questions and the possibilities of post-symptoms. The...

Sydney's Health First: Corporate Care's Flu Defence for Businesses


Guided by RN Aitor Aspiazu's expertise, a seasoned vaccination and healthcare professional, Corporate Care embodies trust, expertise, and authority in vaccinating businesses throughout Sydney.

Aitor Aspiazu emphasizes, "In a thriving workplace, proactive health measures are paramount. Protecting employees against the flu safeguards individual health and fosters a robust, productive environment."

Act now, and don't let the flu season catch you off-guard. With Corporate Care's comprehensive workplace vaccination program, you ensure that your employees are well-protected, boosting their health and productivity.

Investing in a flu vaccination program is more than just a health measure. As Aitor puts it, "Yearly flu outbreaks can disrupt business flow. Being prepared is essential for uninterrupted operations."

Choose the best for your team. Secure your workplace's health and productivity with Corporate Care's flu vaccination program today!

Sydney Taronga Zoo with harbour view, grazing giraffes, skyline backdrop, and a 'Stop the Flu' shield with 'Corporate Care' branding.

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We will only contact you when absolutely necessary
You may want to upload previous year's participant reports, tender documentation, list of sites/locations, number of employees per site/office, etc...