Flu Shots for Aged Care and Disability Workers

Mandatory Flu Vaccination Programs - Residential Aged Care Facilities Immunisation

Aged care flu shot projects are incredibly topical right now because of COVID-19. Regardless of the context, aged care flu vaccine programs are critical to maintaining health and safety in retirement homes. Thankfully, Corporate Care can streamline this influenza program for you!

Why retirement villages need protection.

As we grow older, our bodies become more susceptible to common diseases, such as influenza, leading to more serious respiratory illnesses like pneumonia. Older adults are at higher risk for severe illness or even death from these diseases. This is one of the many reasons why mandatory flu vaccines in aged care centres are critical to ascertaining both the residents and on-site staff's public health and safety.

Aged care facilities are required to take all reasonable steps to ensure that visitors or contractors do not enter or remain on the premises if they do not meet the influenza vaccination requirements

Why You Should Work With Us

At Corporate Care, we endeavour to provide the best quality immunisation programs for our clients. There are many great reasons why you should work with us. Check out some of the reasons below:

Geographic Coverage.

Firstly, our fantastic network of associated partners and providers ensures that we have extensive geographic coverage for our services. Indeed, we offer aged care workers a flu shot in the following cities and regions of Australia (and New Zealand): SydneyMelbourneCanberraBrisbanePerthAdelaide, Tasmania, DarwinRegional Queensland and New Zealand amongst others.

We operate following all legal requirements governing the appropriate use of Medicare for the employment of registered doctors and immunisation nurses for specialist flu vaccination services. No rebate is payable via Medicare for employee-initiated influenza vaccine programs.

Online vouchers (paperless)

Supporting our strong service coverage are our online voucher programs. While most aged care flu vaccine systems are administered onsite for reliability and convenience, we offer online vouchers for Australians and New Zealanders living/working in remote environments. If we cannot establish a site where you can receive your immunisation, we can organise for you to receive a voucher (think of it as a promotional code), which your employee can download through our website.

Once you have downloaded your flu voucher online, you can make an appointment with a chemist or pharmacy in your area (as long as they are partnered with us). This ensures local, reliable access to a flu vaccine for aged care centres, including employees (onsite and offsite), and other relevant parties.

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Partner with an Aged Care Flu Vaccination Provider

We vaccinate thousands of Aged Care and Disability Workers.

Why You Should Work With Us

Strong reputation.

Another thing that separates us from the rest is our strong reputation backed up by real testimonials and 100 Google Reviews.

The safe delivery of immunisations is essential to the legitimisation of their use in public settings, given that some people are sceptical of the safety and overall efficacy of immunisations.

If you are a little concerned or dubious, rest assured that our qualified nursing staff are the best in the business. They’ll be able to handle any questions you might have about receiving your mandatory flu vaccine for aged workers, or anything relating to this subject.

In terms of other resources, make sure you visit our FluSmart Knowledgebase site - tons of flu-related content for employers and employees at flusmart.corporatecare.com.au.


Convenient and reliable.

With our reliable team, you’ll have guaranteed access to convenient aged care vaccinations that might be compulsory. The last thing you want is to spend half your day waiting/organising your immunisation, especially if you are legally required to do it before returning to work.

Thankfully, we can easily arrange a centralised site for your aged care workers’ flu shot program. If you operate a retirement home, residential aged care facility or community support organisation, it is in your best interest to be maintaining the health and wellbeing of your employees, especially during the winter months (when influenza cases spike).

Nationwide Flu Shots

We organise workplace flu vaccination in all states and territories, both in rural and metro areas.

Dedicated Nursing Staff

Our passionate nursing staff put participants at ease prior to receiving the flu jab. We provide individual care.

Fast Customer Care

Extremely fast response to our client’s emails and enquiries. Don't be surprised if you see a response in your inbox within minutes.

Streamlined process

We make their job easy. Organising a workplace vaccination clinic should not be a hassle. 

We know Health

They can speak with a healthcare professional registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA)


We are paperless! Yes, we don’t do hard copy flu consents or have any papers in our office.


We have our own, built from the ground up, secured online flu vaccination booking software. 

Pharmacy Flu Shots

Our clients love having access to corporate online flu vouchers for their staff to have their flu shot off-site at partnering chemists.

Employee Health Platform

Our Flu programs include access to Twin Hub - our Employee Health and Wellbeing platform. Nice one!

Proof of Vaccination

We provide Flu Vaccination Attendance Certificates to all participant employees. Free of charge. 

Extremely competitive and transparent pricing. No surprises!

Online Quote

Provide basic information about your business and access your online quote


We learn about you and your business. We can accommodate to your schedule and routine.


Our Immunisation staff will attend your business to run the vaccination program.

“Very easy and simple to set up. Provided a range of promotional materials to help promote it and we had an excellent response with more than 50% of our office receiving the jab.”

Geoff B.

Red Path Mining

“Nurses arrived on time and were able to complete all booked staff along with additional staff. Always a pleasure to have Corporate Care support our wellness initiatives.”

Jennifer P.


“5 stars! I highly recommend Corporate Care! Professional, friendly, outstanding customer service. Thanks again and see you next year!”

Erika C.

Vouchers available in bulks

Flu Vouchers for the Aged Care Sector

We have partnered with over 1,300 pharmacists in Australia and New Zealand. Some of our chemist or pharmacy partners include Priceline, Terry White, Chemist Warehouse, Capital Chemist, Soul Pattinson, Pharmacist Advice and many independent Pharmacies.

We are experts

We study, we write and we understand Flu - Check us out!

Facts about the Flu

While getting the flu shot before Winter is recommended by Healthcare Professionals and the Australian Government to avoid the Flu, there is a lot of misinformation out there. 

Our in-house experts debunked the top flu myths to help you and your employees stay healthy this year.

What do our clients say about us?

We love feedback, we need feedback, we improve with feedback. Below you will find REAL testimonials from REAL clients.

Tabitha Trenwith
They were quick, friendly, and wrote done all the details in my maternity book too so I could have a record for my midwives to...
Nishadevi Atchu
It's very good. I like it. The nurse was very friendly and vaccines not feel painful and fast.
shelley f
Fast and professional service from booking an appointment time to having the jab on the day. I was in and out within minutes. Thanks!

So, if you think your facility needs the flu shot for aged care residents and workers, make sure you get in touch with someone from our team at Corporate Care. We’re more than happy to answer all your questions, provide any advice and coordinate your immunisation program!