Flu Vaccination Vouchers 2020


At Corporate Care, we offer online flu vaccination vouchers for anyone who would like to get their flu shot at their most convenient chemist store. It is also a great option for those missing out on their workplace flu vaccination .

These online flu vouchers can be redeemed at any participating chemists or pharmacist such as TerryWhite Chemmart, Priceline, Unichem, Life, and many other independent pharmacies. 

P.S Chemist Warehouse will no longer accept flu vouchers.

Buy your Flu Vouchers from our Partners in Australia and New Zealand

We have over 1,200 partners to choose from

Step 1 - Locate your most convenient flu chemist partner from the map (Please read below)

*Due to the increased demand and the unprecedented shortage of flu vaccines, different locations and providers will have different stock levels available, meaning the Flu Voucher map might not reflect their current capacity. After you have found your preferred clinic and location we recommend you check on their website or call them to see if they have availabilities before ordering your flu vaccination voucher.

DO NOT get your flu voucher unless you are prepared to wait to have your flu shot. Some pharmacies are booking appointments in June/July.

DO NOT get your flu voucher if you require to have your flu shot right away as pharmacies may not have available bookings to meet your requirements.

By getting this voucher you acknowledge that YOU ARE AWARE that the pharmacy of your choice may not have available online appointments until they receive more stock (vaccines) from their suppliers. When this happens, the following notification, "We're sorry, but it looks like we are fully booked. Please try again later", will show up under the selected Priceline store.

DO NOT get your flu voucher unless you are prepared to regularly check online for available appointments.

DO NOT use a credit card to get your voucher if you have a PROMO CODE from your employer.



TERRY WHITE VOUCHERS ARE NO-LONGER AVAILABLE - Will update as soon as this situation changes.



Step 3 - Enter your company promo code or use a credit card if you don't have a promo code.

Once you’ve checked your preferred supplier’s site, scroll down and select your preferred Chemist partner and Click on "Buy". (Please ignore the displayed cost, this will zero out when you enter the promo code in the payment screen)


LIFE PHARMACY AND UNICHEM - Priority is given to high-risk groups. Further information can be found HERE