Workplace Flu Vaccination Melbourne

Corporate Care organises workplace flu vaccination programs for businesses in Melbourne (Victoria) and the surrounding area.

Many valid reasons make providing your employees with the flu shot very worth considering – not only will there be a significant reduction in sick leave, but in the long run, employee productivity will increase, your business will be protected, and it will also show your workers that you care about their health and wellbeing.

Corporate Care is a leading flu vaccination provider specialising in onsite flu vaccinations for businesses. Our corporate flu vaccination Melbourne program will meet your needs regardless of the size or location of your workplace – our professional, reliable and consistent service can provide full national coverage for your employee flu vaccination program.


Your mobile Flu Shot Partner in Melbourne (VIC)

We are operated by a team of healthcare professionals. Our workplace flu jab programs in Melbourne meets all federal and state legislation that govern the purchase and use of the flu vaccines and the employment of specialist endorsed flu immunisation nurses and registered doctors with the appropriate use of Medicare. According to Federal Law, no Medicare rebate is payable for any influenza prevention service that has been initiated by an employer.

If you are interested in finding out more about our workplace vaccinations in Victoria or anywhere in Australia, please call 1300 79 74 10 or email us at

Our friendly program coordinator for Melbourne (Victoria) will be happy to answer any queries you may have.

You will be able to book a nationwide flu shot program for your company to protect your business from the effects of flu.

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Partner with a trusted workplace Flu Shot provider in Melbourne

Why you should engage Corporate Care to look after your staff?

Why you should engage Corporate Care to look after your staff?

Country-wide programs

We organise workplace flu vaccination programs in Australia and New Zealand in both metro and regional areas.

Thorough Recruitment

All our nurses are screened and interviewed by healthcare professionals.

Efficient Customer Care

Our goal is to respond to all our enquiries within one business day.

Automated processes

We can automate our processes because we own our technology. 

We know Health

Our management team is lead by healthcare professionals, registered with the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA)


We run paperless flu shot programs. Say bye to hard copy consents

Upload Flu Records

We are a vaccination provider registered with the Australian Immunisation Record (AIR).

Pharmacy Flu Shots

We have over 1,700 Flu Chemist partners in Australia and New Zealand to choose from. We offer online Flu Vouchers.

Employee Health Platform

FREE access* to all flu participants to our Employee Health and Wellbeing platform. Nice one!

Proof of Vaccination

Each participant receives a Flu Vaccination Certificate.

Why it is Important to Vaccinate Employees in Melbourne


Flu season is just around the corner, and it is more important than ever to protect your employees from the potentially serious consequences of influenza. Workplace flu vaccinations in Melbourne can prevent the spread of flu and keep your business running smoothly. As a leading provider of employee flu vaccinations in Melbourne, Corporate Care can help you and your employees stay healthy this flu season.

Melbourne laneway with street art, cafes, and crowds; flu virus particles and Corporate Care shield symbolizing citywide protection.
Urban Vibrancy Meets Corporate Care: A Melbourne laneway bustling with life and art, safeguarded by the emblematic shield of Corporate Care.

Over a Decade of Experience in Flu Vaccinations

With 10+ years in flu vaccination programs, Corporate Care is skilled in helping Melbourne businesses keep their teams flu-free. Our healthcare experts are committed to delivering quality flu shots for businesses big and small.

Booking a Flu Shot Made Easy in Melbourne (Victoria)

Corporate Care helps Melbourne businesses easily arrange flu shots for their teams. We'll set up on-site flu clinics at times and places that suit you. We value flexibility and aim to make workplace vaccinations hassle-free

Extremely competitive and transparent pricing. No surprises!

Online Proposal

Provide basic information about your requirements and access your online proposal


We learn about your organisation needs so we can accommodate to your schedule and routine.


Our Immunisation team will attend your business to run the influenza program

“Very easy and simple to set up. Provided a range of promotional materials to help promote it and we had an excellent response with more than 50% of our office receiving the jab.”

Geoff B.

Red Path Mining

“Nurses arrived on time and were able to complete all booked staff along with additional staff. Always a pleasure to have Corporate Care support our wellness initiatives.”

Jennifer P.


“5 stars! I highly recommend Corporate Care! Professional, friendly, outstanding customer service. Thanks again and see you next year!”

Erika C.



If employees miss the clinic day for flu shots, we offer flu vouchers. They can use these at many Melbourne chemists via our site, so everyone can get vaccinated.


At Corporate Care, we make it easy to shield your Melbourne team from the flu. Our dedicated healthcare team seamlessly delivers quality flu shots. Reach out to learn more or book a shot.


Corporate Care offers flu vaccination software integrated with Medicare. Our tool automatically updates the Australian Immunisation Register with each vaccination, eliminating the need for manual tracking.

One or multiple vouchers available

Buy Influenza Vouchers for your Staff in Melbourne

We have partnered with major Pharmacy Chains in Australia and New Zealand. With over 1,700 stores to choose from, your employees won't miss out on getting their flu jab. Some of our chemist or pharmacy partners include Priceline, Terry White, Chemist Warehouse and many independent Pharmacies.

We are experts

We research, we study and we understand Flu - Check us out!

Protecting Melbourne Workplaces with Flu Vaccinations

In Melbourne, ensuring your team has their flu shots is a wise decision. With our decades of healthcare experience at Corporate Care, we understand the significance of health and are committed to doing it right.

We know Melbourne like the back of our hand.

Get to Know Aitor Aspiazu: Our Top Nurse Consultant

Meet Aitor Aspiazu. He's been a nurse for over 20 years and knows the ins and outs of healthcare. Now, as our Leading Nurse Consultant, Aitor uses his hands-on experience to give Corporate Care an edge over other companies. Aitor says, "For Melbourne businesses, flu shots are essential. They ensure your team's safety and help keep operations on track"

Want more health tips? Aitor shares his knowledge on LinkedIn, talking about everything from staying fit to looking after your team's wellbeing. Follow Aitor on LinkedIn for great advice and updates.

Why Your Melbourne Business Needs Flu Shots

The flu changes every year, and we must stay one step ahead. When your team gets vaccinated, it's not just about keeping one person safe but protecting everyone. It means fewer sick days, more productivity, and a happier workplace.

At Corporate Care, we make getting flu shots easy. We stay updated on the latest vaccines and help you organise everything. Businesses across Melbourne trust us to help them stay flu-free. Let's work together to keep your team healthy!

Photo of a bustling Melbourne laneway with vibrant street art, cafes, and people. A "Stop the Flu" shield with 'Corporate Care' logo stands near a cafe.

Myths and Misconceptions about the Flu

Everyone has an opinion about the flu jab. While getting the flu shot before Winter is recommended by Healthcare Professionals and the Australian Government to avoid catching the influenza virus, there is a lot of misinformation out there. 

Our in-house experts debunked the top flu myths to help you and your company assets stay healthy this year.


What do our clients say about us?

We love feedback, we need feedback, we improve with feedback. Below you will find REAL testimonials from REAL clients.

Phil Turnbull
Had a great experience getting a flu shot from a Corporate Care nurse. Friendly and caring. And best of all, didn’t feel a thing. Whilst...
David Giles
We get Corporate Care to do an on-site flu clinic at our factory every year, and have done since 2018. Although, every nurse they have sent...
Deb Sharp
Great service- fast, friendly, & efficient. & I even got a lollipop after the shot for being brave, LOL! Staff attended our workplace to take...

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Information such as the number of sites/locations, number of employees, number of vouchers needed or information from previous flu programs is important to us.
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We will only contact you when absolutely necessary
You may want to upload previous year's participant reports, tender documentation, list of sites/locations, number of employees per site/office, etc...