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Our Nationwide Workplace Flu Vaccination programs are
cost-efficient, easily implemented and paperless. We make your life easy, we put your staff at
ease and we make sure you are comfortable working with us. You are only a couple of clicks
away from organising a successful Flu Vaccination program at work.

Why thousands of employees trust Corporate Care?

Corporate Care – Our Nursing Agency Vision

Corporate Care is dedicated to being a prestige nursing agency, providing nurses, enrolled nurses, nursing assistants, and midwives with an opportunity to become part of a team of excellence, ever ready to provide assistance, whenever it may be required in hospitals across the Sydney region.

Our aim is to provide nursing services based on responsible, ethical practices; the highest standard of compassion and dignity for those we care for and a joining together with others in a partnership that leads to satisfaction, motivation, and enthusiasm at work.

Freedom of Choice

We give the members of our team flexibility and freedom of choice. In other words, you, nurses, midwives, and nursing assistants, when you wish to work, and whether you wish to work on a temporary or permanent basis, on a contract, full or part-time.

You will also be able to choose which type of care suits you the most – specialist care, acute care, aged care, paediatrics, community or home care. Some of you may choose to select work in rural areas, others will prefer metropolitan hospitals. Others still may wish to do travel work – either way, the choice is yours.


As a member of our team, you will need to be reliable, punctual, and adhere continually to the highest possible professional standards when performing the tasks you are given, while at the same time being considerate of the different needs of each individuaL you care for and adaptable enough to take changes in your stride.

Naturally, you will also need to display respect for the privacy of those in your care and keep all information you receive confidential. To ensure that the work is done according to our client’s requirements you will continually liaise with the relevant person in charge regarding specifific work practices, expectations, and safety regulations.

Our Promise to You

As part of joining our team, you will be employed in accordance with professional employment practices, which includes
professional indemnity, workers compensation coverage. and payment of the superannuation. We will also provide our members with email and phone support to ensure any problems they
encounter can be dealt with immediately and effectively. In addition, we will provide the necessary mandatory training to keep manual handling, infection control,
elderly abuse, fire and safety, occupational health, and safety knowledge regularly updated.


Corporate Health and Wellbeing

Another vital goal is to raise corporate awareness of the importance of keeping their employees fit and healthy.

Our aim is to educate small, medium and big businesses to understand that keeping their employees healthy will reduce absences through illness, improve staff motivation and performance, reduce the risk of litigation, and improve
staff retention, productivity, and profits. As part of this education programme, we provide blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol checks, as well
as cardiovascular risk assessments and nationwide workplace flu vaccinations programs. 


Paperless Flu Programs by Corporate Care
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