Modern Slavery Statement

The Modern Slavery Act 2018 (Cth) (‘Act’) that commenced operation on 1 January 2019 defines modern slavery to incorporate conduct that would constitute an offence under existing human trafficking, slavery and slavery-like offence provisions set out in Divisions 270 and 271 of the Commonwealth Criminal Code.

Modern Slavery Act photo of a broken chain

Modern slavery, therefore, encompasses slavery, servitude, the worst forms of child labour, forced labour, human trafficking, debt bondage, slavery-like practices, forced marriage and deceptive recruiting for labour or services.

As an organisation, Corporate Care is strongly opposed to modern slavery in any form. 

While Corporate Care is not obligated to the statutory reporting requirements of the Act on account of our business not meeting the revenue threshold defined, we are committed to upholding the provisions of the Act concerning our operating practices, as well as in support of our obligated clients who expect us as their suppliers to operate in accordance with the Act, as demonstrated through this voluntary statement.

Corporate Care is committed to operating our business lawfully and ethically and in only working with suppliers that are aligned to our values. 

We expect our suppliers to operate following all applicable modern slavery laws, including those prohibiting human slavery and slavery-like practices, human trafficking and child labour. 

We value and observe all laws regarding corporate social responsibility, environmental and workplace safety protection and staff inclusion and diversity. We will immediately respond to any employee, client or supplier who points out any discrepancy in our operations that goes against the Act.

Corporate Care has a relatively simple supply chain that includes the purchase of products and services needed for the businesses day-to-day operations including medical supplies during our flu season, employment and training software, ad-hoc external legal advice and accounting services and leasing of office space.

Corporate Care has established various policies in place that support our day-to-day operations to ensure all staff and suppliers meet our core values.

In preparing for our first annual modern slavery statement, our Managing Director will take ownership and responsibility for compliance with the Act. The specific steps Corporate Care will undertake include:



  • Assessing the potential modern slavery risks in our operations and supply chains with emphasis on high-risk geographical locations and business transactions;
  • Developing and reviewing company policies to ensure modern slavery requirements are addressed in operations and supply chains;
  • Facilitate online training and awareness for staff in modern slavery requirements;
  • Preparing to conduct due diligence on local and global supply chains;
  • Reviewing supplier contracts to ensure they contain terms that are consistent with the Act; and
  • Taking steps to address any potential modern slavery risks