Flu Vaccination Vouchers 2021


At Corporate Care, we provide online corporate flu vaccination vouchers for anyone who would like to get their flu shot at their most convenient chemist store. It is also a good option for employees that are unable to attend a workplace flu vaccination day in the office. We have around 1,200 chemist partners in Australia and New Zealand.

These online flu vouchers can be redeemed at any participating chemists or pharmacist such as TerryWhite Chemmart, Terry White Chemists, Chemplus pharmacy, Priceline Stores, Chemist Warehouse, Capital Chemist, Life and Unichem Pharmacies, and some of our amazing Independent Chemist partners in Australia and New Zealand. 

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Flu vouchers can be easily purchased online. Flu vouchers are a cost-effective method of supplying your employees with a flu shot. In particular, employees unable to attend the onsite clinic, working off-site or working from home may find a flu voucher a more accessible solution in obtaining their flu jab.

Over 1,200 Flu Partners

Choose your most convenient partner for your employees.

We manage your Flu Voucher Campaign

We don't just issue vouchers, we manage your flu voucher campaign for you.

How do we manage your flu campaign?

  • Run the Flu Voucher campaign via fluvouchers.com.au. We have around 1,200 flu partners in Australia and NZ
  • We issue your company with one or multiple "promo codes".
  • Employees will select their most convenient flu chemist partner from the flu voucher site
  • Employees will enter the promo code to download the flu voucher for the selected chemist partner or chain.
  • We limit the number of vouchers that can be requested using these promo codes.
  • We provide a flu voucher report and issue you with an invoice at the end of the flu season with the number of vouchers requested.

Flu Voucher Report


All our clients will have access to a comprehensive flu voucher report. This report will contain the following information:

  • Vouchers requested
  • Company name
  • Name of the purchaser
  • Email of the purchaser
  • Name of the voucher recipient
  • Email of the voucher recipient
  • Selected Flu partner

Why Influenza Shot Vouchers?

  • No expenses incurred by the employee when receiving the flu shot.
  • No more to pay. Just present your flu voucher at the participant pharmacy to receive your flu shot.
  • Flu jab voucher can be redeemed at participating at over 1,200 chemist partners in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Employees can book their off-site flu vaccination online at a time of their convenience.
  • Staff will not feel left out. Influenza vouchers are a cost-efficient way of offering influenza immunisation to those that are unable to attend the flu clinic on vaccination day.
  • A fully qualified nurse or pharmacist will administer the Flu Vaccine.

Buy your Flu Vouchers from our Partners in Australia and New Zealand

We have over 1,200 partners to choose from

Step 1 - Locate your most convenient flu chemist partner

Step 2 - Select the number of vouchers needed

For further information regarding our onsite flu vaccination programs or our flu vaccination vouchers, please give us a call on 1300 79 74 10 or (02) 8061 8131, alternatively reach us out at [email protected].

One of our senior flu consultants will get back to you as soon as viably possible. Customer care is a top priority at Corporate Care and we aim to respond to all enquiries within one business day.