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Corporate flu vaccination programs made for you.

Flu or Influenza should not be taken for granted. The usual signs and symptoms include fever, chills, sore throat, malaise, and cough.

Influenza is usually caused by the pathogens Influenza Virus type A or type B. It is acute and self-limiting in nature but can bring about complications that prove to be potentially disabling. Influenza usually occurs during winter, however cases of flu have also been identified outside this period.

With this in mind, one can only imagine the advantages of participating in a corporate flu vaccination program. The flu vaccination renders the person protected against the common strains of the flu virus for up to twelve months. This is the reason businesses need to have their staff vaccinated on a yearly basis, usually between March and June. The effectiveness of flu vaccines ranges from 65% to 70%, so there is a fairly good chance of being spared from being infected.

Did you know each winter one in four of your employees will become infected with the flu?

On-site corporate flu vaccination services

According to statistics, one out of four people in an organisation may be infected with influenza during its peak season. This high incidence can be instrumental in the deterioration of individual productivity. The organizations may be financially strained due to factors like absenteeism, interruption of services, and delivery and health benefits costs.

Our Corporate flu vaccination programs can render employees healthy, proactive and productive throughout the entire work year. Think about the increase in return on investment (ROI), when there will be minimal hindrances to business productivity, with fewer absences and less consumption of health costs. We will be providing qualified nursing professionals who come personally to the workplace to administer flu shots to the employees. We will be providing a quick wait in line, with accessible online tools and promotional support that will aid in further enhancing the delivery of flu vaccination.

Isn’t it just remarkable how a simple flu shot can drastically help a business flourish?

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