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Flu Vouchers are the simplest and most cost-efficient way of offering flu shots to staff who are unable to attend the workplace flu vaccination.

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A trained pharmacist or Registered nurse will administer the Flu Jab.

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With over 300 Priceline Chemist partners in Australia, your staff will likely find a local chemist to have their off-site flu vaccination.

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*Due to the increased demand and the unprecedented shortage of flu vaccines, different locations and providers will have different stock levels available, meaning the Flu Voucher map might not reflect their current capacity. After you have found your preferred clinic and location we recommend you check on their website or call them to see if they have availabilities before ordering your flu vaccination voucher.

DO NOT get your flu voucher unless you are prepared to wait to have your flu shot. Some pharmacies are booking appointments in May/June/July.

DO NOT get your flu voucher if you require to have your flu shot right away as pharmacies may not have available bookings to meet your requirements.

By getting this voucher you acknowledge that YOU ARE AWARE that the pharmacy of your choice may not have available online appointments until they receive more stock (vaccines) from their suppliers. When this happens, the following notification, "No details could be found", will show up under the Priceline logo.




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5 Things You Should Know About The Flu

Does Hand Sanitising Really Make A Difference? Yes, it does! Washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water should be enough to keep the influenza virus from spreading. If you can’t, then an alcohol-based sanitiser with at least 60% alcohol content should do the trick. Here’s how you should wash your hands: Wet your hands […]

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Why everyone in your workplace should get a flu shot

When the sick season emerges during those winter months, the workplace is often hit the hardest. It’s hard to maintain a healthy office during winter because the contagious levels are generally very high! If you have noticed that the number of employees getting sick has increased recently, you should consider organising flu vaccinations for everyone […]

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5 Telltale Signs You have the Flu

Think you have the flu symptoms is crucial in the early treatment and prevention of unwanted flu virus often have similar complaints. Keep in mind that these signs of influenza are not meant to replace professional advice and it’s best to consult your GP if concerned. 1) Fever, Chills and Sweats Unless you received immunisation […]

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Cold and Flu in Asthma – Don’t risk it!

The bronchitis or Asthma Australia. flu vaccine. It’s important to get flu shots each year in your workplace, school or nearby health clinic as the flu vaccination no matter the time of year since the flu virus circulates all throughout the year. It’s especially important for individuals with asthma to get an annual flu vaccination […]

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Differences between Pandemic influenza, seasonal flu and Avian Influenza

Pandemic influenza, Seasonal Flu Outbreaks, Avian Influenza? flu viruses strain particular to a geographic area. In Australia, the flu season reaches its peak during winter. Varying seasons entail unique vaccine formulations to effectively protect humans against virus strains. This means keeping up with mutating Flu vaccinations give people some form of immunity, thereby limiting the spread […]

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Understanding Flu

What Is Flu?   Influenza, aka the flu, is an airway infection that’s very contagious. During winter season, influenza makes up the majority of diseases.   Flu can manifest itself in the form of headaches, sluggishness, body aches and a runny nose. It can also produce deadly, serious or fatal influenza virus is the primary […]

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Immunisation – A Better Understanding towards Better Health

How does immunisation Work? Each and every day we come in contact with millions of germs, viruses and bacteria. You may be wondering why we’re not sick all the time as a result. The reason? Our immune system fights them all off and prevents us from getting sick.   How Does Our Immune System Work? […]

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What will the 2018 Southern Hemisphere Flu Vaccine include?

Canberra. October 11, 2017 Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) for the purpose of recommending influenza viruses to be used in the composition of the 2018 flu vaccine. The meeting involved review and evaluation of: data associated to epidemiology Australia and Southern Hemisphere influenza isolates recently circulating, as to its antigenic and genetic characteristics 2016-17 vaccines’ serological responses candidate […]

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Flu Vaccine – Frequent Asked Questions

Corporate Care is passionate about protecting everyone’s health by minimising the spread of disease. Our Flu Vaccine FAQ aims to provide all-important information and increase awareness. Here’s to a better understanding of flu vaccinations:   Why is it recommended to get a flu vaccine?  Annual flu shots reduce your likelihood of catching the seasonal flu […]

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