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Flu Vouchers are the simplest and most cost-efficient way of offering flu shots to staff who cannot attend the workplace flu vaccination.

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A trained pharmacist or Registered nurse will administer the Flu Jab.

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With over 300 Priceline Chemist partners in Australia, your staff will likely find a local chemist to have their off-site flu vaccination.

Flu Vouchers Made Easy With Priceline

We are proud to announce that we have been working with Priceline for many years to provide flu vaccinations to our corporate clients. Our team has spent countless hours curating a directory of all the participating chemist stores that offer flu shots through Priceline. This allows us to make it easy for our clients to get the protection they need during flu season. We are committed to providing top-notch service and ensuring that our clients have access to the flu voucher resources they need to stay healthy.

Flu Vouchers: The Easy Way to Protect Your Workforce

The flu is a serious respiratory illness that can cause hospitalisation and even death. Vaccination against the flu is the best way to protect yourself and your workforce from this preventable illness.

Flu vouchers are a convenient and effective way to offer flu vaccinations to your employees. With a flu voucher, your employees can get vaccinated at a time and place that is convenient for them.

Why You Should Consider Flu Vouchers

There are many benefits to offering flu vouchers to your employees, including:

  • Reduced absenteeism: Flu vaccination can help to reduce absenteeism by preventing your employees from getting sick.
  • Increased productivity: A healthy workforce is a productive workforce. Flu vaccination can help to improve employee productivity by reducing the number of sick days.
  • Improved morale: Employees appreciate it when their employers offer them flu vouchers. This can help to improve employee morale and create a more positive work environment.

Additionally, if you're organising an onsite flu vaccination program, it's worth considering flu vouchers for those who cannot attend. This ensures that all employees can get vaccinated without missing out due to scheduling conflicts or other commitments. By extending this option, you're demonstrating inclusivity and care for the well-being of your entire team, which can further contribute to a supportive and appreciative workplace culture.

This image captures the creative depiction of a hyper-realistic anthropomorphic flu virus exhibiting a terrified expression. The flu virus is portrayed as if it has come to life, with vivid detail accentuating its fear. In the backdrop stands the PriceLine pharmacy, marked by a striking pink banner with its name inscribed in bold white letters, ensuring the brand is recognisable. The name 'Corporate Care' is subtly yet visibly interwoven into the composition, serving as a reminder of the company behind the scene. The high-resolution image mirrors the quality of an 8K cinema photograph, with the depth and texture lending to its impactful realism.

How Flu Vouchers Work

For Employers:

Offering workplace flu vaccinations is a proactive safeguard for your employees' health. Our flu vouchers simplify the process. Here's how it works:

      1. Acquire Unique Codes: As an employer, you'll be issued unique codes from fluvouchers.com.au.
      2. Distribute to Employees: Share these codes with your staff.
      3. Easy Redemption: Employees can visit fluvouchers.com.au, select their preferred Priceline pharmacy, and download their flu voucher.
      4. Clear Instructions: Along with the voucher, they'll receive detailed instructions for booking their vaccination appointment at Priceline, ensuring a seamless redemption process.

Boost your workplace wellness today by enabling easy access to flu shots through our dedicated flu voucher system.

For Individuals:

Not an employer? No worries. You can still safeguard against the flu by purchasing a voucher directly from fluvouchers.com.au.

Whether for your team or just for you, stay flu-free with our convenient vouchers.

        1. Purchase Your Voucher: Choose your voucher and pay with your credit card below.
        2. Receive Instructions: You'll get all the details to book your flu shot appointment with Priceline in the purchase confirmation email.

Whether for your team or just for you, stay flu-free with our convenient vouchers.

Purchase your Priceline Voucher Now

When purchasing a voucher for Priceline, you’re not limited to Priceline pharmacies. You have the flexibility to redeem your voucher at any Soul Pattinson or Pharmacist Advice chemist stores, as they're all part of the same family. This means more locations, more convenience, and one step closer to being vaccinated against the flu.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I order flu vouchers?

A: To order flu vouchers for your organisation, fill out the below webform or email us at flu@corporatecare.com.au. We will provide our terms, pricing, and a unique promo code. This code can be shared with employees along with instructional materials and a video guide on downloading vouchers.

Q: How can employees download their vouchers?

A: Employees can download their vouchers by going to fluvouchers.com.au. There, they'll choose the pharmacy or pharmacy group, enter their unique code, and the voucher will be available for download, allowing them to book an appointment without any payment at the point of download.

Q: How can employees redeem their vouchers?

A: Employees can redeem their vouchers by visiting fluvouchers.com.au, selecting their chosen pharmacy or pharmacy group, and entering the unique code provided to bypass payment. Upon downloading a voucher, they will receive comprehensive instructions on how to book their vaccination appointment with the selected pharmacy.

Q: When does the flu voucher campaign start?

A: The flu voucher campaign typically kicks off in the last week of March and can run until the last week of August. However, the start date may vary by pharmacy and location.

Contact us

We will only contact you when absolutely necessary
Information such as the number of sites/locations, number of employees, number of vouchers needed or information from previous flu programs is important to us.
You may want to upload previous year's participant reports, tender documentation, list of sites/locations, number of employees per site/office, etc...
We will only contact you when absolutely necessary
You may want to upload previous year's participant reports, tender documentation, list of sites/locations, number of employees per site/office, etc...

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