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8 Myths About the Flu and the Flu Vaccine

Think about the time when you were terribly, terribly sick. You didn't want to get up for anything except to pee (just), all the while wishing it will go away.

Flu or influenza is exactly like that. I tell you, you'll have to spend days recovering apart from the "ill" effects that follow.

The fever, headaches, aching muscles, coughs and sniffles made you say things that were normally reserved for traffic jams, or your ex.

Suffice to say, it's not fun at all!

You wouldn't want to miss out on those bloody workplace flu vaccination shots like I did. I just couldn't be arsed at the time! Lesson learned.

Consider this- flu shots at work or in the community do more than just give individuals or employees a welcome break from the grind!

Here's to bust the myths regarding flu vaccines and flu in general:


Myth #1 - I'll Get The Flu If I Take Flu Shots

So you think you can call in sick after you get flu vaccines because it gives you the flu? Think again. Your boss will not be amused! Fact is, flu shots given to employees have no power to make you sick and adverse reactions are quite rare. You may experience a slight pain to the injection site or a slight rise in temp, but that's no reason to miss work and a day's worth of pay, is it?


Myth #2 - I'll Be Cured of Flu If I take Antibiotics

Nah! Antibiotics may work very well against bacteria, but they don't do anything if you have the flu. This is because influenza is a viral infection, so forget about antibiotics.


Myth #3 - I'll Become Superman After having the Flu Shot

You won't be indestructible and bullets won't bounce off of your after you get that flu shot. The ever-changing nature of viruses means you should be vaccinated each year with the latest inactive strains in order to be protected for the season.


Myth #4 - I Shouldn't Get Flu Shots If I'm Pregnant

You should really get that flu jab if you're pregnant at any stage as flu in pregnancy is risky business. The flu vaccine won't affect your baby in any way. In fact, it will be bad for the baby if you suddenly fell ill and had the flu!


Myth #5 - Swine Flu Is Stronger Than Flu Vaccines

Despite what social media says, flu shots do protect you against the Swine flu or H1N1 virus. Those vaccines used at work had a funky name- Quadrivalent vaccines which contained 4 strains of virus, including the swine flu. Impressive hey! So take the flu jab and get peace of mind from "piggy flu"


Myth #6 - I Just Had Flu This Autumn. I'm Immune For The Year

Sadly, no you aren't. There are different virus strains that could cause flu. Besides, wouldn't you want to be completely safe and get a jab that only takes a minute or two?


Myth #7 - I Can No Longer Take Flu Shots If I Missed Them From March To May

Our corporate flu vaccination program was booked for April but you can have the shot anytime in the year. It is better to have it late than not have it at all.


Myth #8 - Vitamin C Will Be My Armour and Shield Against Flu

The thing is, you can drink a ton of vitamin C supplements until you turn a funny shade of orange, but that won't prevent you from getting the flu. What's certain is if you're wise enough to get the flu shot before the season peaks, you can tell your healthy orange self.... "nicely done"!

Now I wonder, Is Donald Trump a Vitamin C person?