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3 Common Misconceptions About Corporate Flu Jabs

3 Common Misconceptions About Corporate Flu Jabs

While the world opens back up again, and people begin preparations to return to the office blocks in either a full-time or hybrid capacity – the notion of corporate flu jabs are beginning to pop up around conversation. Yes, the very same ‘J’ word that has been taken over by the media and politicians has become a hot topic in all circles, and we thought it’d be best to alleviate some common misconceptions people have about corporate flu jabs.

It’s certainly not uncommon for there to be a bit of hesitancy when discussing the topic, but we’ve been conducting safe and efficient rollouts of corporate flu jabs for long enough to know what we’re talking about. Especially when you consider the various protections and benefits corporate flu jabs provide for both the workplace and society.

With that in mind, we’re going to be debunking a few of the more common myths that exist about corporate flu jabs to give you and your workplace a little peace of mind.

Myth 1: “I Got It A Few Years Ago, So I Don’t Need It”

While the universal thought is that there is a one-shot cure for the virus, it is unfortunately not the case with corporate flu jabs. As each year passes, the strain changes slightly in its genetic make-up, making previous injections be ineffective against potential new strains that naturally manifest each influenza season.

While it is great that people have received it before, it must be considered to be a whole new ailment with each year that requires protection against it.

Myth 2: “It Causes Serious/Severe Side Effects”

As with any medicinal treatment and prevention, there can be potential mild side effects that come with corporate flu jabs, but the risk of these is much, much less severe than contracting the virus itself which can cause systemic issues if not protected against.

Influenza prevention tactics have had a lot of time to be tested before entering the public sphere, and since they are an inactive variation, are even completely safe for pregnant women.

Myth 3: “It’s Not A Serious Condition, You Don’t Need Inoculation”

One of the most common misconceptions about corporate flu jabs is that there is certain misinformation out there that leads people to think there is no danger when in fact 1,255 people died in 2017 in Australia from the ailment, accounting for 3.9 per 100,000, which is 3.9 too many in our estimation. It can be a serious illness if left untreated and unprotected against and the last two years especially show us the inherent risk posed for not being protected as much as possible.


The conversation and debating will likely extend beyond this year and probably the next. However, we cannot overstate how important it is to take whatever precaution we can, and for workplaces to be a safe and happy environment to return to once the ball starts rolling again.

Consider corporate flu jabs not only for you and your workers, but for the betterment of those around you.