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How to Promote an efficient and successful Flu Vaccination Program at Work

Get Immediate Protection from the Flu


Frontline workers, take note - you can protect yourself from Influenza before the winter season with a timely flu jab. Although there's no vaccine for COVID-19 yet, getting the flu shot can keep you from sickness and needing medical attention. Flu is yet another serious respiratory illness. It can cause employees to miss work and is deadly enough to cause hospitalisation or even death.

Businesse's Guide to Flu Shots at Work

Promoting flu vaccinations at work is paramount not just for your workers but in maintaining operations as well. You can take the initiative and offer on-site flu shots or arrange flu vouchers as an alternative. It's always a good idea to include annual flu vaccinations to any health and wellbeing initiative.


Flu Experts in Australia and New Zealand

Workplace Vaccination Benefits

Engage Senior members of your Staff

To Employers and Businesses

Offer Annual Influenza Programs to all your employees

To Workers

  • Convenient
  • Better health
  • Sense of belonging and "being looked after"
  • Less sick days and visits to the doctors

Benefits will scale depending on the employer's level of investment and the vaccination rate among employees. Statistically, 1/3 of the workforce will participate in workplace flu vaccination program.

Arranging a Flu Vaccination Clinic

Planning the details

Everyone, including human resources, labour representatives, management and employees should provide input as appropriate.

Get management involved

Convince senior management to support a flu jab clinic right in the workplace. Position flu vaccines as a must-have for the business by creating a goal that coincides with the effort.

Flu Coordinator

Assign a corporate flu vaccine coordinator or team that knows its responsibilities and roles clearly. Involve workplace safety staff and occupational health personnel in the program if you have them as part of your organisation.

Flu Vaccination Provider

Consider getting expert help from an outside vaccination provider. There are many workplace influenza providers that can help you run a successful onsite flu program. If you opt for flu vouchers instead, look for a provider that can do both.

Internal survey

Statistically, 1/3 of your organisation will participate in this health and wellness initiative. If this is the first time you participate in a flu program, it may be worth sending a quick internal survey to see if there is an appetite for such a program.

Business hours clinic

Supervisors and managers can have their employees attend the on-site flu vaccination clinic within their shift as to not miss time. Avoid "off the clock" flu clinics where possible as this will reduce the uptake.

Family members

Consider offering flu jabs to the employees' family members as well. They can attend the clinic at work or offer them Flu Vouchers so they can attend their local chemist to get their flu shot.

Promoting and Hosting the Flu Vaccine Clinic

Free for Employees

Encourage participation by offering incentives, such as a contest to see which department has the highest flu shot rate, providing refreshments on-site. It is important you offer this service as a "free service" to the employees.

Promotional material

Put up posters, flyers and promotional materials about the benefits of a flu shot. Include details, such as the date(s) and time(s) of when the clinic is scheduled. Display them in conspicuous areas such as the kitchen, toilets, etc.

Internal Communication

Send out communication in the form of emails, newsletters or via the intranet to highlight flu shot benefits and flu prevention. Links to promotional material and Flu-related FAQ is also helpful.


Clinic room

Make the flu vaccination clinic as comfortable and convenient as possible while taking into consideration the privacy and demands of space. Please ensure you are up to date with Safe Work Australia recommendations with regards to space and COVID.

Get management "jabbed"

Boost engagement by having business leaders and managers to get the workplace flu jab first.

Keep up with the internal communication

Keep your staff up to date with the latest, I.e. Where to find reliable information about the flu, clinic times and dates, etc...

Offer off-site flu vaccinations

Not all businesses can have an on-site flu shot clinic. However, there are still ways to encourage your employees to get their flu shot outside work.

Shots whilst on duty

Consider providing an hour or two off work so they can get flu jabs at their local Pharmacy or Medical Center.

Keep up with communication

Inform your staff they can get their flu shot in the community via a local Pharmacy.

Flu Voucher Campaign

You may want to consider to partner with a Flu Vaccination provider that can arrange flu vouchers for your company. Distributing vouchers to hundreds of people can be a time-consuming task.

Share the Flu Voucher website details with your staff

Your staff can search for their local Pharmacy or Medical Center at