Protecting your Business & Employees against the Flu

Get the best protection by making our Flu shot program part of your wellness initiative

Employee flu vaccinations are a cost-effective way to reduce employee absences and business risks associated with seasonal flu. Not only does it protect people from getting sick, but the benefits of flu vaccinations extend to a significant increase in workplace productivity of happy and healthy employees. Corporate Care is proud to deliver quality and value to Australian and New Zealand businesses.

Corporate Care runs Australia-wide flu shots for employees. You can count on us to give your staff the care and the service they deserve.

What do our customers say about our flu programs?

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Customer satisfaction

In 2018 we asked our customers to provide feedback following the administration flu jabs for employees.

We vaccinated around 30,000 employees in Australia and New Zealand. We offered over 2000 Flu vouchers and we received around 4300 surveys.

The results? Amazing!

- Customer Overall Satisfaction 99%

- Booking process satisfaction 99%

- Client Satisfaction with our nurses 97.5%


Customer Overall Satisfaction
Booking process satisfaction
Client Satisfaction with our nurses

Our Flu Vaccination process

Our corporate flu vaccination services get the most number of participants with the help of our complimentary promotional tools.

The program is most efficient with trained and experienced immunisation nurses to administer employees the flu shot.

We also provide flu vouchers for those who miss their flu jab at work on the scheduled vaccination day.

Employees of small organisations can receive their influenza shot from our partner clinics or pharmacies by requesting an online flu voucher.

Quadrivalent Flu Vaccines (4 strains)

Timely immunisations are crucial for the body to respond effectively upon encountering the virus.

We utilise the latest flu vaccine formulations designed to protect against influenza viruses expected to circulate during the Australian flu season.

Our immunisation Nurses will come to your business to assess and vaccinate your employees.

Everything you need to organise your Flu program at work

Booking your mobile flu shot clinic is easy. If you'd like to know more about influenza and ways to protect your staff, please call

1300 79 74 10 to speak with a flu expert or click below.

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