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Workers On The Fence? Some Helpful Ways Of Encouraging Flu Jabs For Employees

As workers begin their journey back into CBDs and corporate environments, the question of workplace safety and health is always a hot-button topic. One aspect that tends to pop up more than most surrounds the influenza virus, and the means to preventing it. We’ve been in the business long enough to know the inevitable debate surrounding flu jabs for employees, particularly with the pandemic still causing chaos with cavalcades of information at the touch of a button.

I’ve talked to many business leaders, employers, and workers across the country about flu jabs for employees – one of the things that struck me was that the debates tended to fall into the same loops across the industries.

With that in mind, this piece will revolve around some of the common queries and worries about flu jabs for employees, and how you can approach the subject in a way that benefits everyone in your company.

The Carrot Not The Stick

No doubt you’ve seen expansive media coverage of mandates and vaccines, while it’s been mostly surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, there are also stories revolving around flu jabs for employees as well. We’ve seen in recent years that enforcing mandates and ultimatums end up causing more harm than good for the status quo and for the morale of the workplace and society in general.

While we always encourage full participation of flu jabs for employees, the potential blowback from instituting requirements is simply not worth the elongated stresses that can present. Allowing your workers to make their own informed decision will not only reflect better on you as a leader but will ultimately make their decision to protect themselves a more rooted one.

One way to incentivise them is to speak openly about the subject in a team meeting, laying out the various benefits that stem from flu jabs for employees and presenting them in a straightforward and scientific manner. By not dividing the office based on their decision after this, you’ll find a more harmonious and participatory attitude from everyone.

If workers are not comfortable with receiving the vaccination in the office setting, you can always offer them vaccination vouchers they can redeem at an accredited clinic/chemist in their own time. This added freedom allows you to provide flu jabs for employees in a more diverse manner and takes away some of the pressure for workers.

Undeniable Utility

Some particulars we’ve heard about extend to the efficacy of inoculations in general and some mistruths about flu jabs for employees that are echoed in break rooms across the country.

“They Make You Sick”
Ah yes, we’ve heard this particular one a thousand times. The inoculation contains an inactive variant of the virus to build immunity from within – so there is no inherent danger of catching influenza from the shot.

“I Got It Last Year”
While this is always a cause for celebration, there are new variants of the influenza virus each year which is why flu jabs for employees are not a ‘one and done’ affair, as the strain potentially changes with each season, so too must the inoculation and protection diminishes over time.


All of us here at Corporate Care wants you and your workers to feel safe and protected, if you ever have questions about the vaccination process, get in touch with us here.