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Flu signs

5 Telltale Signs You have the Flu

By Aitor Aspiazu | Oct 8, 2018

Think you have the flu or influenza? For some people It can be difficult to tell if it is indeed influenza and not the common cold. Knowing how to identify flu symptoms is crucial in the early treatment and prevention of unwanted flu complications.   Individual symptoms vary, but most people infected with the flu […]

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Cold and Flu - Illustration of a asthma inhaler

Cold and Flu in Asthma – Don’t risk it!

By Aitor Aspiazu | Oct 8, 2018

The flu or influenza is a viral infection that targets the lungs, throat and the nose. Unlike asthma attacks, the influenza virus gets passed on whenever you cough, sneeze or when you make hand contact. But did you know that cold and flu in asthma can be considered as triggers?   In fact, those who […]

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Pandemic influenza

Differences between Pandemic influenza, seasonal flu and Avian Influenza

By Aitor Aspiazu | Oct 4, 2018

Pandemic influenza, Seasonal Flu Outbreaks, Avian Influenza? Seasonal influenza pertains to periodic outbreaks caused by several types of flu viruses strain particular to a geographic area. In Australia, the flu season reaches its peak during winter. Varying seasons entail unique vaccine formulations to effectively protect humans against virus strains. This means keeping up with mutating […]

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Understanding Flu

Understanding Flu

By Aitor Aspiazu | Sep 21, 2018

  What Is Flu?   Influenza, aka the flu, is an airway infection that’s very contagious. During winter season, influenza makes up the majority of diseases.   Flu can manifest itself in the form of headaches, sluggishness, body aches and a runny nose. It can also produce deadly, serious or fatal symptoms, including: Kidney or […]

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Understanding Immunisation

Immunisation – A Better Understanding towards Better Health

By Aitor Aspiazu | Sep 19, 2018

How does immunisation Work? Each and every day we come in contact with millions of germs, viruses and bacteria. You may be wondering why we’re not sick all the time as a result. The reason? Our immune system fights them all off and prevents us from getting sick.   How Does Our Immune System Work? […]

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What will the 2018 Southern Hemisphere Flu Vaccine include?

By Aitor Aspiazu | Oct 25, 2017

Canberra. October 11, 2017 The Australian Influenza Vaccine Committee (AIVC) congregated at the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) for the purpose of recommending influenza viruses to be used in the composition of the 2018 flu vaccine. The meeting involved review and evaluation of: data associated to epidemiology Australia and Southern Hemisphere influenza isolates recently circulating, as to its […]

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Flu Vaccine – Frequent Asked Questions

By Aitor Aspiazu | Oct 17, 2017

Corporate Care is passionate about protecting everyone’s health by minimising the spread of disease. Our Flu Vaccine FAQ aims to provide all-important information and increase awareness. Here’s to a better understanding of flu vaccinations:   Why is it recommended to get a flu vaccine?  Annual flu shots reduce your likelihood of catching the seasonal flu […]

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8 Myths About the Flu and the Flu Vaccine

By Aitor Aspiazu | Oct 12, 2017

Think about the time when you were terribly, terribly sick. You didn’t want to get up for anything except to pee (just), all the while wishing it will go away. Flu or influenza is exactly like that. I tell you, you’ll have to spend days recovering apart from the “ill” effects that follow. The fever, […]

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Why Pregnant Women should get a Flu Shot

By Aitor Aspiazu | Oct 9, 2017

Because the flu or influenza is a serious illness and your baby is at risk! Influenza, otherwise known as flu, is an infectious disease that could cause severe complications to pregnant women. Whether you have a healthy or a risky pregnancy, contracting influenza during this time might have detrimental health implications. Possible complications include premature […]

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