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Is agency Nursing in Sydney for you?

Is Agency Nursing in Sydney for you?

Have you ever asked yourself what you’re doing with your life and career? How about this…have you ever wished you had more time with your family OR more time for yourself, for that matter. Well, if you have, you are not alone. There is a preponderance of evidence that the ability to achieve a happy work life balance can and will lead to a happier life. Australian’s are generally a contented lot of folks, but when work life balance is out of kilter, it can easily weigh down on the heart and the brightness of life. ...

A dream nursing job in a dream city.

Your Gateway to Adventure: Corporate Care Nursing Agency, Sydney, Australia

When you decide to become a nurse most of us have our own personal reasons for doing so. There are probably hundreds of reasons that could be cited that have led both men and women into the world of nursing. Some of these might be:

To make a difference To help people Pay Job security Possibilities Opportunity Travel Etc.

There are many, many more, but these highlight a few of the very important and critical determining factors on our way to becoming a nurse. ...

Registered nurse; a world of opportunities.

Currently there is a huge shortage of nurses in Australia. Becoming a Registered Nurse gives you the opportunity to work in a wide range of environments and become part of a team of people dedicated to looking after others at what may be a critical time in their lives. Not only can the work be challenging, involving as it does people who are not only physically ill but may also be mentally incapacitated, it can also be very rewarding financially. A Registered Nurse is not only welcomed in Australia but in most other countries of the world. ...

Informatics Nurse | Nursing Geekdom: The New Frontier

Around the globe no matter where you are it seems that health and technology are becoming ever more intertwined. Whoever thought that being a geek would benefit a nurse? In the days of the electronic health record, telehealth, and the ever evolving health information landscape, this is fast becoming a necessary commodity. Is this the beginning of the Informatics Nurse?

In fact, health informatics growth has been nearly unprecedented and will continue to be so for many years to come. This evolution will touch every aspect of nursing jobs. From registered nurses who will be part of the spearheads of the movement to our assistant in nursing roles, the role of the informatics and geeky guru nurse are definitely new hats it’s time to dawn. ...

Top Nursing injuries

Nursing is tough, let’s face it. It’s common knowledge that nurses in all disciplines are overworked. They see countless patients and work extremely long hours. To many people, it seems that nurses do little more than dispense medication and give injections.  In reality, nurse’s duties include long hours on their feet, all kinds of heavy lifting and lots of repetitive motion. It’s strenuous work that can can lead to nursing injuries. ...

Dangerous Nursing Jobs
Nursing Jobs Considered One Of The Most Dangerous Medical Professions

Nursing jobs – it’s often a thankless, as well as a dangerous, position. For example, in an Auburn Alabama emergency room department in 2005, Tammy Mathews was working her evening Sunday shift where she encountered a patient who was both high on drugs and drunk. The patient grabbed her neck and chocked her until she was unable to breath. After that, she was spat on… in her face.

In a Seattle emergency department (ED) in 2007, Jeaxu Rinehart was working when a patient, who was situated in the triage room, became upset that he was unable to get methadone. In retaliation, he pulled out a Billy club from his backpack and hit Rinehart in the head and across his face, shattering his cheekbone. ...

Is Agency Nursing for you?

Full or part-time agency nursing can be a good way to supplement your primary job. As an agency nurse, you have much more flexibility with where, and how much, you work. You can have more control over your assignments and schedules, which can allow you to concentrate more on your patients than on the politics of a facility.

Advantages and disadvantages of agency nursing

Advantages: ...

Positions available

Emergency Nursing ICU/NICU Theater Mental Health Paediatrics Geriatrics General medicine/surgery Immunisation ...

Employee Flu Vaccination

Nowadays, working people find themselves so focused on their jobs that it is natural for many to feel stressed and tired.  People skip meals and don’t eat properly because they have deadlines to finish or because they say they have better things to do.  It’s no wonder why people get sick so easily these days. Everyone should start taking a more active role in keeping their health in check.  Aside from proper diet, exercise and good sleep, there is also another ally in health that can be tapped to help maintain health and avoid sickness, especially in the workplace – employee flu vaccination. ...

To be a Nurse

To be a nurse means more than just caring for the ill. It is a privilege and gift that you are born with. You have the ability to care for, to teach, to listen and to cry with patients and family. Lives are placed in your hands with trust.The reward is not monetary for a nurse as the care of a living being has no set value. The reward comes from within.

As a nurse you will work hard, sweat heavy and often feel unappreciated but at the end of the day you will know, from within, that your work has made a moment in someone’s life just a little bit easier.  Perhaps you relieved the pain of a dying patient or offered conversation to a lonely aged woman.  The words of thank you were not heard by you – they were seen in the eyes of those two human beings. The dying patient is not afraid any longer and the lonely aged woman is not alone. You made a significant difference in the lives of two people. ...

Help! I’m on nights!!
Tips to survive a Night shift

One of the hardest things for a nurse to cope with is working a stretch of night shifts. Switching to sleeping during the day can be almost impossible and detrimental to your health.

As a rule, by the time a shift is over, you may feel physically exhausted, but your mind may be starting to tell you that it is now time to wake up. This is not helped in any way by the light, typically higher daytime temperatures, and a whole lot of daytime noises all around you.

Do’s and Don’ts

There are; however, a few things you can do to help get as much sleep as possible, even when working nights. Some of these things may work better for you than others.  Everyone is different, after all. Here are a few things to try: ...