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Dangerous Nursing Jobs
Nursing Jobs Considered One Of The Most Dangerous Medical Professions

Nursing jobs – it’s often a thankless, as well as a dangerous, position. For example, in an Auburn Alabama emergency room department in 2005, Tammy Mathews was working her evening Sunday shift where she encountered a patient who was both high on drugs and drunk. The patient grabbed her neck and chocked her until she was unable to breath. After that, she was spat on… in her face.

In a Seattle emergency department (ED) in 2007, Jeaxu Rinehart was working when a patient, who was situated in the triage room, became upset that he was unable to get methadone. In retaliation, he pulled out a Billy club from his backpack and hit Rinehart in the head and across his face, shattering his cheekbone. ...

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Emergency Nursing ICU/NICU Theater Mental Health Paediatrics Geriatrics General medicine/surgery Immunisation ...

To be a Nurse

To be a nurse means more than just caring for the ill. It is a privilege and gift that you are born with. You have the ability to care for, to teach, to listen and to cry with patients and family. Lives are placed in your hands with trust.The reward is not monetary for a nurse as the care of a living being has no set value. The reward comes from within.

As a nurse you will work hard, sweat heavy and often feel unappreciated but at the end of the day you will know, from within, that your work has made a moment in someone’s life just a little bit easier.  Perhaps you relieved the pain of a dying patient or offered conversation to a lonely aged woman.  The words of thank you were not heard by you – they were seen in the eyes of those two human beings. The dying patient is not afraid any longer and the lonely aged woman is not alone. You made a significant difference in the lives of two people. ...

Help! I’m on nights!!
Tips to survive a Night shift

One of the hardest things for a nurse to cope with is working a stretch of night shifts. Switching to sleeping during the day can be almost impossible and detrimental to your health.

As a rule, by the time a shift is over, you may feel physically exhausted, but your mind may be starting to tell you that it is now time to wake up. This is not helped in any way by the light, typically higher daytime temperatures, and a whole lot of daytime noises all around you.

Do’s and Don’ts

There are; however, a few things you can do to help get as much sleep as possible, even when working nights. Some of these things may work better for you than others.  Everyone is different, after all. Here are a few things to try: ...