Flu Vaccinations in Geelong

Workplace Flu Vaccinations in Regional Victoria

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Annual Flu shots in Regional Victoria

Each year during the Australian flu season, Geelong workers miss work because of influenza. Running flu vaccinations at work serves as the first line of defence of organisations across the nation.

Timely administration of the latest flu vaccines works for everyone's advantage. As sick leave requests drop, extra work won't be imposed on those who are present. You'd be looking at long-term productivity with an illness-free environment. Offering annual Flu Vaccination to employees in Geelong demonstrates that you care, which happy employees are likely to return with the same level of commitment.

Our VIC Flu Shot programs are:

Tailored For Businesses. We do corporate flu vaccinations around Geelong and Regional Victoria, wherever you are and no matter the size of your company. Our services can be customised to meet your specific needs.


Safe and Efficient. Immunisation healthcare practitioners will administer the most up-to-date flu vaccines meant to protect against circulating virus strains. Your staff can return to work soon as they receive their scheduled flu jab.

Convenient. Employees who miss their flu shot at work or prefer to get the flu jab in their own time can opt to visit any of our partner chemists or pharmacists. Flu vouchers are also a practical choice for smaller Geelong-based companies to provide flu vaccinations without using up office space.


Cost-effective. Our company is founded on passionate professionals who are committed to delivering excellent services. We run paperless mobile flu clinics. We also provide marketing tools and deliver materials in advance at no added cost.

We're always happy to help companies stay protected by organising corporate flu vaccination in Geelong, Melbourne or Regional Victoria. Call us at 1300 79 74 10 to schedule your annual flu vaccination with a healthcare professional. You can also book your nationwide program online in a few clicks. Committing to employee health is that easy!

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