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Why everyone in your workplace should get a flu shot

When the sick season emerges during those winter months, the workplace is often hit the hardest. It’s hard to maintain a healthy office during winter because the contagious levels are generally very high! If you have noticed that the number of employees getting sick has increased recently, you should consider organising flu vaccinations for everyone in your workplace.

Here are several reasons why!

Employee engagement
Understanding Flu

The flu can decimate your business

Every year, the influenza virus reportedly costs Australian businesses millions of dollars in sick leave. Over a million business days are lost every year because of illness. Unlike the common cold, which generally lasts only a few days, the influenza virus can last for several weeks. If you run a small business and several of your employees drop off with sickness, you can’t afford to lose them for ages. Your business cannot function without its people.

Happy staff, happy business

If your labour force is content and happy, then you’ll notice your corporate culture improving massively. Sickness brings negativity and pessimism to the workforce, which can damper the mood of the whole office. Organising corporate flu shots will ensure that more of your workers are healthy, happy and fit for their roles.

Safer work environment

Another reason why everyone in your workplace should get a flu shot is the fact that immunisations can prevent injuries while on the job. If your employees are sick or unhealthy, they are more likely to make mistakes while on the job. Indeed, this can be very dangerous if you’re employed in a highly dangerous industry.

Think of it this way, if you work in construction or some form of manual labour (often dealing with dangerous, heavy materials), your employees need to be switched on and ready for the day. A nagging headache or a terrible cough could result in many people getting injured. Therefore, everyone in your workplace should get a flu shot.

Higher productivity levels

If everyone is fit and healthy in your office, you’ll notice your productivity levels going through the roof. During the peak of the winter and cold season, over half of your staff could be sick or unavailable. The problem with this is the fact that financial deadlines end June 30, so it’s often a stressful time when you need everyone in your team to be available.

It’s worth it

The benefits associated with organising corporate immunisations more than outweigh the costs. Think of it this way, if your employees can’t properly fulfil their responsibilities, then your company will begin losing money. This could be in the form of lower sales and lost clients. The business world doesn’t stop for sickness, so it’s important that you protect your employees from illness.

It shows that you care

We’ve already discussed the importance of immunisations in the office in terms of health.

However, another reason why everyone in your workplace should get a flu jab is it shows that you genuinely care about your employees. You want your employees to feel valued and appreciated for their contribution. Why? Well, if your employees feel like they are a central component of the business, they are more likely to stay on, despite getting other job offers.

If your employees feel under-appreciated, then your business will likely suffer from higher levels of staff turnover. Who wants to stay in an environment where they feel undervalued? Not many people.


At the end of the day, ensuring that your employees are fit and healthy for their roles is a big part of your responsibilities as an employer. It’s certainly something you should be investing in every year. By showing that you care for your staff, you’ll ultimately be rewarded with better key performance indicators.