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Why Any Time Of Year Is Suitable For Workplace Flu Vaccinations

When people think about influenza, their minds might immediately jump to the inevitable colder months of the year. During this heightened period, employers and employees deal with a variety of issues surrounding sickness and sick leave as a result of the virus. Workplace flu vaccinations have been a protective measure that has been luckily available leading up to and throughout the influenza season. And while it is true that the seasonal commonality of the virus is established from environmental conditions, we believe that preparedness should never be overlooked or ignored.

We’ve been doing this for a long time, so we can safely say that workplace flu vaccinations are a simple and effective measure that you can initiate for you and your workers with barely any effort.

After all, this is what we do best, and we have been providing wholesome and efficient services to our community for years. One question we get asked a lot is, when is the best time to organise these inoculations? While there is no magical answer for this, there is some solid evidence that having some form of protection is better than no protection at all.

Let’s break it down.

What Do Workplace Flu Vaccinations Achieve?

Corporate Health and Wellbeing organisations offer workplace flu vaccinations to combat the influenza virus. The virus is a contagious and potentially serious ailment that impacts the respiratory system and moves from person to person through close contact and air particles. Naturally, this brings the workplace into the fold as a potential risk.

Workplace flu vaccinations provide an inoculation and stronger immunity to the direct impacts of the virus on employees and corporate environments. The ripple effect for the community cannot be denied either, as the more people are protected, the less chance that severe detriments will befall your business.

All Seasons Can Have Protection

As we mentioned earlier, there is no such thing as a ‘bad’ time to organise workplace flu vaccinations. There may be more opportune times for the virus to manifest itself, but it is relentlessly about for all months of the year.

A vast majority of workplace flu vaccinations take place in the months leading into winter, as such, our services are available from late March until early June. This not only allows ample planning time for you and your employees, but also stands to give optimal protection for the colder months ahead.

How Does It All Work

It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3. We have a team of trained nurses and professionals waiting for your call, and we are flexible when it comes to maximising scheduling convenience. The best part about workplace flu vaccinations is that our immunisation nurses come onsite to your office! This ensures that there is never a loss of productivity or time for you and your business interests, and your workforce can be inoculated without missing out on important deadlines.

Businesses are considering workplace flu vaccinations more and more, especially after knowing the facts about the virus itself and the detrimental effect it has on businesses and the community at large. Giving your employees a shot of protection in the months/weeks leading up to the peak season will benefit you, them, and your community.

We’re ready and waiting to inoculate and propagate a healthier and happier workflow for the years to come.