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What are corporate flu shots, and why are they essential for your employees

Every year during the winter months, influenza circulates amongst the population and can cause many people to become ill, to the point where they likely cannot go to work. As a result, there is a large influx of people taking their sick leave as they cannot work due to illness, and companies increase their costs for no work output benefit. There is an alternative to this situation, which comes in the form of corporate flu shots.

Corporate flu shots are offered to the employees to vaccinate them against the current strains of influenza floating around that year. In doing so, the employees gain protection against becoming seriously ill with the flu, and the company keeps their employees working throughout the winter months. This health and wellbeing initiative is a highly beneficial choice that a company can make to keep their employees healthy and their business operations running smoothly throughout the year.

Besides the obvious primary purpose of corporate flu shots, they bring many 551658937other benefits, such as increasing employee morale and fostering a company culture of healthiness. This is important for any company, and as such, these vaccination programs should be considered for all companies, big or small, in Australia and New Zealand.

Our team at Corporate Care is here to explain to you how it all works and why you should consider these programs for your company.

How do corporate flu shots work?

Corporate flu shots work by allowing employees to gain access to free vaccinations against the expected circulating strains of influenza. In doing so, employees will get their influenza shots against these strains, which will keep them healthy during the winter months.

The company will pay for the program, incentivising the employees to receive the vaccinations and keeping them healthy and working consistently throughout the winter. This onsite vaccination program has many benefits that come with it, as explained below.

Drive cost savings

Corporate flu shots help to drive cost savings for the company. When employees take their sick leave, the company must pay this out and receive no work output back due to being sick. As such, corporate flu shots allow the company to drive cost savings, as they prevent employees from getting sick, which means the company will not need to pay out their sick leave as they are less likely to take it.

Cost savings are important for any business, and implementing these vaccination programs means that the company can further drive cost savings and maximise profits.

Improved morale

Improved morale is another benefit of having corporate flu shots. It allows the company to show employees that they care for them and their health, and by offering them for free, you are helping the employees look after themselves for no cost at all. These in-office flu jabs can help improve morale, and in turn, employees work better and more efficiently and effectively. This is a win-win situation and one that works best for all involved. Employee morale is vital to a smooth-running business, and through corporate flu shots, you can help improve it and keep the employees happy with the company.

Here at Corporate Care, our team of professionals understands the importance of corporate flu shots and how they can affect a company and its employees. As such, we offer corporate flu shots to companies who want to keep their employees healthy and happy and do so professionally and efficiently.

Do not hesitate to contact us about offering these vaccination programs to your employees!