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Staff vaccination: Employees, friends and family.

Is staff vaccination worth your time and money?


Staff vaccination is proven to be a very wise investment with high rates of return on your investments.

The influenza virus is a serious respiratory ailment that's a large threat to all kinds of organization. Despite that fact, many people are still unaware and consider this illness as an insignificant irritation and nothing more.

Recently, The Influenza Specialist Group of Australia announced a public symposium indicating that the amount of vaccine intake in Australia is substandard and it's recommended to have nationwide propaganda to upsurge it. According to them, the most efficient way to lessen the risks of influenza outbreak within the district is by administering immunization shots on a yearly basis.

Studies have shown that children between 6 months and 18 years of age, pregnant women, and elderly people are more prone to influenza and the flu vaccine appears to be less efficient when given to those with a compromised immune system as well as the elderly group. Furthermore, it is essential to increase the amount of vaccine uptake across different cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane.

Even those who are not part of the vulnerable groups are still mandated to take the annual flu vaccination- as they are capable of transmitting the virus to other family members, peers, and within the community. Flu vaccines are also capable of saving the lives of the elderly. It reduces the chance of being confined inside the hospital. Moreover, it reduces the risk of fatalities to almost a half per cent.

During the past year, even those who didn't fall into the above-mentioned groups who were diagnosed with severe cases of influenza were quarantined. Through this, the significance of attaining high levels of vaccination has been demonstrated by various governing bodies. The Australian Committee on Safety and Quality in Healthcare, as well as the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC), have promoted the said campaign.

The most effective way to vaccinate a large group of people is through “staff vaccination”. This approach grants convenient access to the flu vaccine for a large part of the community. Nonetheless, it's also at the discretion of the employers to run a staff flu vaccination program. It's an ideal way to lessen the rate of being absent as well as diminishing the potentials of any major outbreak among the staffs. Considering this, it could eliminate any major loss in productivity that the company might face.

Employees could attain benefits such as relief, time-saver, and mental freedom. It emancipates the employees from having to schedule their vaccination or being able to be vaccinated at their own convenience. Through the increase in realization in regards to the risks of the flu and the advantages of being vaccinated, the employees will appreciate the recognition of being preventive. They will realize that it's crucial not only for themselves but also to those people whom they spend an ample amount of time with. This action sets up what is known as “herd immunity” a process wherein each person is fortified and will less likely face the dangers of contracting the virus.


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