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Our Nationwide Workplace Flu Vaccination programs are
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Is Agency Nursing for you?

Full or part-time agency nursing can be a good way to supplement your primary job. As an agency nurse, you have much more flexibility with where, and how much, you work. You can have more control over your assignments and schedules, which can allow you to concentrate more on your patients than on the politics of a facility.

Advantages and disadvantages of agency nursing


  • Scheduling is flexible.  Night shifts can be avoided if desired and workplaces can be chosen.
  • Family and personal obligations can be taken into consideration when scheduling.
  • Agency nursing allows you to work in different facilities.
  • Agency nurses can be exposed to different specialities.
  • No need to work on Public holidays.
  • Nursing agencies may offer higher hourly rates than full-time facility positions and they usually offer great penalty rates and holiday pay.
  • Travel and accommodation expenses are often paid for nurses choosing to work in rural areas.


  • Unfamiliar environments
  • Not enough support or explanation of systems
  • Income for full-time agency nurses is not always guaranteed
  • Expectations from the agency that you are always flexible and independent
  • Challenges around being accepted by permanent staff because you have no association with a facility
  • Permanent staff might be disgruntled because of the difference in pay rates


At Corporate Care we understand that nursing agency work

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