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Employee Flu Vaccination

Nowadays, working people find themselves so focused on their jobs that it is natural for many to feel stressed and tired. People skip meals and don’t eat properly because they have deadlines to finish or because they say they have better things to do. It’s no wonder why people get sick so easily these days.

Everyone should start taking a more active role in keeping their health in check. Aside from proper diet, exercise and good sleep, there is also another ally in health that can be tapped to help maintain health and avoid sickness, especially in the workplace – getting their flu shot at work.

Flu, or Influenza as it is formally called, is a fairly serious condition to have because it can lead to hospitalization or even to more serious disease (especially for older people aged greater than 65).

Flu is not a cold, flu is nasty! Usually, it can start off colds or a cough that you can’t get rid of. Then it develops into a fever (over 38,5 celsius) and then you just feel like you have been hit by a train.

It is likely you will spend up to 5 days out for the count, feeling sorry for yourself and wishing for this to finally end. Still, in the time you spend feeling awful and miserable, there could’ve been so many things you could’ve done. Your work gets piled up and you know for a fact that you’re going to meet a mountain of work as soon as you find yourself in shape to actually get back to the office.

All these inconveniences could’ve been avoided by having your flu vaccination, you can go to your GP, get a flu voucher to have your flu jab at your local chemist or simply participate in your company's annual workplace flu vaccination programs.

There are populations who are recommended to have these annual flu vaccines.

  • All Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged 6 months and over
  • All children aged 6 months to less than 5 years of age
  • All individuals aged 5 years and over with medical risk conditions, such as, asthma, diabetes, and chronic lung disease, chronic renal failure
  • Pregnant women
  • People aged 65 years and older

Source: NSW Health

Also, there are people who are also not recommended to have the vaccine, namely: (1) people who have a severe allergy to chicken eggs (because it is a component of the vaccine and it can cause them to have severe anaphylactic reaction which is life-threatening); (2) children less than 6 months of age (the vaccine is not approved for this age group); and (3) those who already have fever (they should wait until they have good health status before they get vaccinated) .

It’s best to keep you and your loved ones safe. You can start by having an annual employee flu vaccination.